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Microsoft Office 365 refers to the cloud-based suite of productivity applications from Microsoft. It
offers tools like Exchange, Word, SharePoint, Teams, and Excel, among others. So, you can
access apps from anywhere on any device with an internet connection.

Here are its five critical benefits for businesses.

  1. Cloud-based Seamless Collaboration:

    Office 365 is cloud-based. So, a working internet connection is all you need to access Office
    programs and files from anywhere. This facilitates effective team collaboration.
    Applications like Microsoft Teams, SharePoint, PowerPoint, Excel, and OneNote enable real-
    time online collaboration. Thus, businesses with remote employees in different locations can
    access data without traveling.

  2. Gives Tools for Efficient Working:

    Office 365 is a powerful suite of applications that enables your organization to work more
    efficiently. Here are its major beneficial tools.

    ● Office Suite is a collection of robust Microsoft applications such as Outlook, Word, Skype
    for Business, PowerPoint, and OneNote.
    ● SharePoint facilitates storage, sharing, and collaboration on documents within various
    ● Exchange Online, which includes calendar and email.
    ● OneDrive, is a comprehensive cloud-based business storage solution.
    ● Power BI is a business intelligence application for getting insights and making informed

  3. Prevents Unauthorized Access to Business Files:

    MS Office 365 is packed with built-in security protocols. These prevent unauthorized access to
    every business file and identify and stop security threats as and when they occur.
    Here are some key security features.

    Message encryption: It enables users to send encrypted emails that cannot be opened
    by anyone else except the recipient.
    Advanced Threat Analytics: Through it, users can detect fraudulent activities in real-time
    and minimize the risk of damage.
    Mobile device management: It lets you manage Office 365 on any employee’s mobile
    device. You can access device reports, manage its security policies, and even wipe it in
    case of theft.
    Data loss prevention: This feature makes it easy to identify, track, and secure confidential data in Office 365. So, it prevents critical, sensitive information from going past your organization.

  4. Scales with Your Business:

    Office 365 can easily scale with your business as it grows. It is easy to create tailored solutions for various departments and boost productivity. You can scale up according to your requirements while preserving the workflow. Your team won’t have to adapt to a system or new tools as they’ll continue working with familiar applications.

    Through Office 365’s subscription-based model, you can delete or add users by removing or adding licenses.

  5. Eliminates Large Upfront Costs:

    You pay an annual or monthly fee per user with Office 365 service. This is similar to leasing a service rather than buying it. So, your capital spending decreases considerably.

    The cost of your license is as per the features you pick for your workflow. When you pay per user monthly, it makes budgeting the IT spend for the upcoming time predictable. This is particularly beneficial for small-scale and medium-sized businesses.


    Microsoft Office 365 is a modern and robust solution that helps businesses of all sizes work more productively. It, in turn, positively affects the ROI of tech spending. Try this suite today to leverage its features.

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    Shrevya Technologies is a Microsoft 365 Partner and an authorized reseller in India.

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