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Why Outbound Lead Generation Matters More Than Ever

Sales go nowhere without “leads”. Lead Generation is hard, expensive, and can be very painful.

So if the companies want to build sales, they have to understand, that it’s going to either cost money, or it’s going to take all their time.

If they do lead generation wrong (which is easy to do) it’s throwing their money away. 

According to the recent survey by Gartner, lead generation is a key pain point for 58% of business leaders.  As a result, many businesses find it hard not only to succeed but also to survive “in the B2B jungle.”

It takes up to 30 minutes for an SDR to do additional research on the company, up to 30 minutes to write a follow-up, and up to 8 dials to get to a prospect. Thus, if their lead isn’t a good fit, all these efforts and time will be wasted.

A poor quality lead can reach as far as their Account Executives. As a result, it will cost their company more time, effort, negative emotions, and money. That is why it’s important to solve this problem at the beginning of their sales pipeline.

What are the best outbound lead generation strategies?

Outbound email is such an effective lead generation activity that many B2B companies use it as their primary lead source with the help of sales automation software.

Shrevya Technologies can make your current team more profitable without adding overhead or excessive head count.

Does your sales team find it challenging to connect with the right decision makers at the right accounts?  Would you prefer that your reps are spending more time IN meetings and less time trying to CREATE meetings?

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