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Every organisation needs Microsoft 365 (Formerly Office 365) since this online tool integrates with your work & makes employees collaborate more efficiently. Efficiency is crucial to each company. Microsoft 365 for Business offers all the tools necessary for businesses to collaborate and communicate from any location almost as efficiently as if everyone were in the same room. Organisations seeking an advantage in this era of digital transformation must employ innovation to enable their workforce to work remotely. Seven important advantages of Microsoft 365 for businesses will be covered in this blog. No matter if you need to support your shared capacities, increase productivity, or ensure your information is protected, cloud-based Microsoft 365 offers some sensible business-related points of focus. Microsoft 365 reseller pricing is also very affordable so it doesn’t become a roadblock for your business.

Microsoft (Office 365) may be accessed from anywhere, on any device, as long as they are online, thanks to its cloud-based architecture.


Here are Microsoft 365’s top seven advantages:


Innovation-Supporting Social Capabilities

People in your organisation can interact with corporate content using social tools with the same rapidity and fluidity as social media. By introducing similar technologies in the workplace, employers may take advantage of the fact that the majority of employees are already adept at using Facebook and Twitter for personal purposes. The social enterprise features in Microsoft 365 should not have much of a learning curve or require additional training for the majority of users. It’s simple to “like” stuff, leave comments on articles on websites, engage in threaded conversations akin to forums, or integrate personalised news feed that collects discussions from all over your company.


Automated Intelligent Process

When it comes to managing and changing processes, many businesses struggle. You can quickly automate business operations using Microsoft 365 and the Power Platform’s out-of-the-box online forms, workflow management, and data storage features. These solutions, which span divisions to service the entire organisation, make use of Microsoft Teams and Data verse.


Platforms for Effective Communications

Microsoft 365 makes it easier to create a corporate intranet using SharePoint Online without having to deal with the technical difficulties of running your own server and on-premises infrastructure. Additionally, integrated services inside Microsoft 365, like Teams, improve your capacity to effectively engage with coworkers in the digital workplace for general communication outside the corporate intranet.


Employee Engagement and Experience

Microsoft Viva was introduced as a single employee experience platform in response to research revealing the lowering of productivity and the disruption caused by employees login into several systems, paired with the rapid increase in Microsoft Teams adoption.

The components of the Microsoft Viva solution are:
Everyone in the workforce is connected to one another thanks to Viva Connections. People can contribute more readily, and it connects your organisation around the corporate vision.
This problem is directly addressed by Viva Insights, which offers insight into the nature of work and its effects on output and wellbeing. Insights provides individualised and useful information and uses data to assist solve challenging business problems.


Estimated expenditures

Office 365 is a subscription service that is paid for on a monthly basis, per user. The price of your licenses will depend on the level of functionality that you choose for your business. Each license’s price is decided by the various enterprise levels, which include a range of goods and applications. Paying per user each month makes expenses predictable and helps you plan your IT budget for the upcoming fiscal year. Upgrades are included in the cost of your license, so there are no unexpected or additional costs. If you buy your licenses from Core, you can change the number of licences you have at any time, for instance, if you hire or fire staff. You can also look at Microsoft 365 reseller plans if you have small teams & doesn’t wish to burn your pockets. 


Business Continuity

Files that are constantly backed up and stored in the cloud allow your organisation to continue operating in the case of an office tragedy. To prevent anything from happening to your physical devices, your email, files, and data are safely saved in the cloud.  Exchange also provides recovery mechanisms, making it possible, if required, to restore single emails or even whole inboxes. You may always carry on conducting business as usual if you use Microsoft 365.


Business Adaptability

Thanks to files that are constantly backed up and kept in the cloud, your firm may continue operating normally in the case of an office tragedy. Your email, documents, and data are safely stored in the cloud, protecting your physical devices from any harm.  Exchange also provides recovery options, enabling the restoration of single emails or even entire inboxes as needed. If you use Microsoft 365, you are free to carry on operating normally at all times.


Centralization in collaboration

Microsoft 365 gives you the ability to instantly edit documents and share mailboxes, calendars, and contacts using collaboration tools. Exchange calendar sharing enables you to plan meetings that are convenient for everyone at the outset by letting you know who is available when.



A fantastic option for small organisations is Microsoft 365. All of Microsoft Office’s advantages, like the ability to connect and communicate more quickly, are available with it, but because it is subscription-based, you only pay for what you need and only when you need it. There are multiple best Microsoft 365 resellers in India to get started very quickly. This means that the 365 platform can perfectly scale with you throughout your career, regardless of whether you’re a freelancer working alone, have a small team of 5–10 employees, or are scaling up to a large corporation.

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