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G-suite or also known as Google Workspace is making our everyday life easy. Who does not use Google Workspace functions these days? We use it every day, but we might not really know that all these tools are collectively called Google Workspace.

So today, let’s know more in-depth about what Google Workspace is.

This is a collection of cloud-based productivity and collaboration tools provided by Google. It includes a suite of applications, designed to help individuals and organizations work, more efficiently and effectively.

Google Workspace includes the following core applications:

  1. Gmail

  2. Google Drive

  3. Google Docs

  4. Google Sheets

  5. Google Slides

  6. Google Forms

  7. Google Calendar

  8. Google Meet

  9. Google Chat

  10. Google Sites

So, all these applications are a comprehensive set of tools that are provided by Google in order to promote productivity, collaboration, and seamless communication within teams of an organization, or with the team of an organization and outside organizations.

It enables users to access their files from anywhere in the world with an Internet connection and work on projects with real-time, collaboration features that enhance team productivity and teamwork.


As you can already make out how essential these applications are, many organizations have emerged that undertake the work of Google Workspace reselling. 

Google Workspace reselling refers to the practice of becoming a reseller or partner of Google Workspace and offering Google Workspace services to customers or clients. As a reseller of Google Workspace, you act as an intermediary between Google and the end-users to provide them with access to Google Workspace products, licenses, and support.

A Reseller of Google Workspace typically partners with Google as an authorized reseller or joins the Google Workspace Partner Program. This allows them to offer Google Workspace subscriptions, licenses, and related services to businesses or individuals who are interested in using Google’s productivity and collaboration tools. They also have the ability to customize the offerings, pricing, and packages to suit the specific needs of their customers.

Let us dive deep into 5 of the Best Google Workspace Resellers in India.

1. Shrevya Technologies

      Shrevya is one of the Best Google Workspace Resellers in India. The best part about this company is its affordable prices and the value it adds to your company.

      It is a reliable reseller of Google Workspace, Microsoft, 365, and AWS services. As a leading cloud service reseller, they provide easy integration of these tools into your organization and ensure ultimate performance levels for your company by helping you utilize these tools to their full potential.

      They have a well-defined implementation process and proven methodologies to ensure that the transition to google workspace is seamless and minimizes disruptions.

      Shrevya believes “ your mission is our mission” does altering their solutions as per your organization’s requirements. Their high-value principles enable them to instill great values not just in all aspects of their organization but also in your organization.

      They help startups grab a strong competitive advantage to be in the market as soon as possible and attract bigger investments to generate revenue at an earlier stage.

      They focus on innovation, collaboration, and strategic thinking while providing three main services as mentioned above. Their team is always ready to take the extra mile whenever needed.

      Shrevya is committed to offering top-notch solutions for your organizations. Catering to your business needs. They provide competitive pricing models for Google Workspace, Microsoft 365, and AWS enabling your organization to maximize the return on investment.

2.  NetForChoice

      NetForChoice is a trusted Google Cloud Partner and a reseller of Google Workspace. They provide cloud services, including Google Workspace deployment, migration, support, and managed services to businesses of all sizes.

      NetForChoice is a data center service and hosting provider company that facilitates all cloud computing as well as email hosting services.

      It was founded in 2012 and its centers are located in the United States, the United Kingdom, Singapore, and India so far it has over 2500 clients.

      NetForChoice offers two plans to their customers which are far apart in their prices, the economy plan, and the ultimate plan. The economy plan seems to be at the lower end, but as you add more customizable add-ons, it becomes even more expensive than the ultimate plan.

      Although one drawback of NetForChoice is that its website does not display the features that are available in their plans, but you can access them from the shopping cart. All their plans are customizable with different add-ons.

3.  Searce

      Searce is a Google Cloud Premier Partner and a leading reseller of Google Workspace in India. They offer a range of services related to Google Cloud and have expertise in deploying and managing Google Workspace for businesses.

      Its clientele encompasses more than 1800 brands. It is one of the four most Google workplace partners in India with over 14 years in business transformation services.

      Searce delivers innovative workspace solutions to startups, Small And Medium Enterprises in India, the USA, and SEA.

      The Searce team consists of certified professionals with in-depth knowledge of Google Workspace, enabling them to provide valuable insights and guidance throughout the process.

      They understand that every business has a unique requirement and can work closely with the organization to understand its specific needs and goals, and then tailor their solutions accordingly.

      They also offer comprehensive support and training services to help any business maximize its potential by using Google Workspace. They can give guidance on various features and tools within google workspace, ensuring that the team can leverage the full potential of the platform.

4.  SAGlobal 

      SAGlobal is a global consulting firm that offers a wide range of services, including implementation and support for Google Workspace. They provide customized solutions and expertise in optimizing business processes with Google Workspace.

      SAGlobal has extensive experience in implementing and supporting Google Workspace for businesses. They have a team of skilled professionals who possess in-depth knowledge of Google Workspace and its functions.

      They understand that each organization has unique requirements and can alter its solutions. Accordingly, they work closely with clients to understand business processes, goals, and challenges.

      SAGlobal goes beyond the technical implementation of Google Workspace and also focuses on optimizing business processes. They work with organizations to identify areas of improvement and leverage the capabilities of Google Workspace to enhance collaboration.

      They were also recognized as a final list of 2023, Microsoft Dynamics 365 finance partner of the year. Their services include consulting services, development, services, implementation, services, migration, services, Microsoft Catalyst, and managed services.

5.  GoPomelo

      GoPomelo is a Google Cloud Partner that offers a variety of services, including consultation, deployment, and support for Google Workspace. They focus on delivering efficient collaboration and productivity solutions to businesses.

      They offer assistance in troubleshooting, resolving issues, and staying updated with new features and updates. Their training programs are also available to help employees become proficient in using Google Workspace.

      GoPomelo ensures that organizations have robust security measures in place when using Google Workspace, they help implement security practices, data protection measures, and compliance requirements to ensure that the sensitive information remains secure.

      Their services include digital employee experience, communications AI, advanced data and Analytics, app modernization, GCP-managed services, and location intelligence.

      GoPomelo was established in 2008 with best-in-class cloud solutions across Thailand, Singapore, Vietnam, Malaysia, Hong Kong, and Indonesia.

      They provide solutions in cloud development, Google Cloud migration, machine learning on Google Cloud, buying google suite, buying Google Workspace, etc.


This list of the 5 Google Workspace resellers in India is not exhaustive, and the order does not reflect any particular ranking. Although these resellers are well-known in the industry and can be reliable it is still advisable to conduct your research and contact them directly to understand their offerings, pricing, and suitability for your specific needs.


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